Rust Team Deathmatch Mod

Although the core of Rust is survival, this game has many great features (especially in armed combat) that makes it unique and competitive. While gun action is a available in the game, it is unexpected and annoying for those who do not have the proper equipment from the start.

The Mod:
After a long discussion, I, masesm, and two of my friends decided to make it happen. We thought that a team deathmatch mode would fit properly in this game. Currently, we are only working on one map in Rad Town. Every time you die, you will respawn near the area where the team deathmatch is planned to be. You spawn equipped with an M4, pistol, and a full set of Kevlar.

The Bugs:

-The game is still the same. If someone wants to ruin the game, he could sneak out of the combat area and hit trees with his rock, and build the longest tower in the game without anyone’s knowledge (No map limitations)

-In order to run this mod, you must install a software (that we developed) and set up the server scripts to work with it. However, recently, one of my friends that was testing the mod got vac banned. (Not confirmed a safe mod)

-Randomly, players spawn far from the TDM map area AND without weapons and kevlar.

What we are working on:

-Some way to limit the map.

-Classes: What to spawn with (for example: M4 comes with full kevlar, Bolt Action with no clothes, bow and arrow with stealth skills…etc)

-A website to download the software and all the files that are required to run the mod.

When will this be released?:
Not sure yet since we have MANY bugs to work with, but it is estimated somewhere in Q4 of 2014.

It’s going to take until Q4 2014??

Well, I had it implemented in my server, but we will not share it until its %100 done. We have so many bugs to get through; including ones that involve communication with valve whether or not it is considered a cheat.

Q4 as in, quarter 4? as in the 4th quarter of the year, as in some time after october? unless im reading it wrong, your saying its going to be released some time after october?

Yes. Again, that is an estimation. Maybe sooner if everything goes as planned.

sorry, i thought it was a typo. yeah thats a long time and so much can change between now and then

it looks like you have no idea of what you are doing.
for real Q4 2014??? They will be 50 mods like this way before.
Its only give and teleports commands if i understand well why the fuck do you make this client sided

You don’t understand. I have the mod and I’ll probably have it for download sooner but it won’t be 100% ready until I patch and fix all the bugs. Remember, as of right now, this no NOT a safe mod yet.

May I recommend, That when testing test on a cracked server setup. It might not be up to date but its mostly all there. and at least for the moment youll get an idea of what your working with

Until server performance gets better and you can raise ticrate/sendrates, deathmatch is pretty pointless because the pvp in this game is absolutely terrible. Add in no collision models/warping player models and you’ve got yourself an alpha