Rust team

Alright, we all know it is obvious that Rust is a pile of rubbish when you’re by yourself, I can’t stand it. Every 5 minutes I get doubled or even triple teamed every time I join a server. So I have decided to post a thread, and see who would want to join me raining carnage on server after server, and be original when we have so much supplies and do stuff out of the Rust world.
What I want:
15+ age
Squeakers are not to be on this thread in the first place
Somebody who can joke around
Somebody who agrees to play on a server with 30-50 people usually
Experienced with the game to a degree

Post a comment and let me know if you want in if you meet the requirements and I will talk to you. I am looking for 3 people to be teaming up with. Thanks.