Rust - the current version as of 3/6/14 - Comments

This is a run down of my feelings on the current state of Rust.

Love the new sky, sun, and moon. A much more organic quality.

Still not a fan of having grass on. In my case its not for performance. It is because it all looks like a wheat field. There are grazing animals throughout the game, yet the grass is not showing that effect.

The map must be in layers and some of those layers must be mis-aligned. We have animals (predatory) going under ground and into the air. If it is not the map itself then something in the UI pathing may be the cause.

The days/nights seem to be going faster and the timescale adjustment for the admin seems to be non-functional.

Durability on harvesting tools degrades much too fast. I can see the stone hatchet degrading at its pace but metal hatchet and the pick axe should easily last twice their current state. I have seen no degradation of the bow. It needs to be included.

Decay on wood building is too high by default now. Miss one day and come back to a skeleton.

Thats all I have. Feel free to add your impressions.

mods fix almost everything you mentioned.