Rust: The Desync Problem and Lag in Rust

This video has two Point of Views and clearly shows the desync: both in character position as in the order shots are fired.

The problem in short:

Client bullet registration and Server bullet registration
The Teleport effect

Please leave your own experience in this topic below.

I am experiencing the same issue on all servers as well. My ping is around 80 and I get all kinds of rubberbanding issues

That’s what should get fixed first or at least improve it, but no , lets create inew models for boxes / campfire , these things are more important :DD

Shooting is so broken atm, registering hitboxes where shouldn’t be and not registering them where should be.

Pipe shotgun does more dmg from that distance that he shot first, pipe shotty waited till he got closer to fire.

I get this all the time with the P250, I shoot, hit a guy and see blood shoot out, however I don’t get the little X and thud noise registering it as a hit. So unless I see that, I don’t count it, even if I see blood shoot out.

Happens a lot.

Only way I can play right now is full auto with M4 or MP5, countering the recoil. That or I run around naked with a pipe shotty and kill people trying to hit me with placed shots.

This issue was bad before the 17th patch, and it’s straight up insane right now on a server with any kind of pop on it. This video is either a low pop server, or from before the 17th patch, it’s WAY worse now.

This topic is not about which weapon does more damage or which person has the advantage. This topic is about the desync of the players position, the time shots are fired and the moment someone dies.

If you look at the video you will almost believe that the two clips are two different scenarios.
They are so out of sync.

This is something that should be worked on right now. It’s game-breaking and frustrating when your shots don’t register or when people start teleporting everywhere.

This has been recorded on a server with about 80 people connected at that moment. There are no addons/plugins active on that server.

I encounter this lag myself on HFB servers. They oversell their hardware and have to many rust servers on one machine.
Is this a server hosted by HFBservers Game Server Provider?

Suggestion: Go to lower ping servers with better hardware and get a better internet. Simple.

I actually don’t care about desync, held off a 10 man raid by myself because I was killing them invisibly.

This footage is indeed taken on a HFBserver.

I got banned from an individual server for this, on my second day of playing Rust. These assholes in a clan were killing me while I was building up my base, repeatedly. I finally had enough and I went in my cloth armor and pipe shotgun to go kick their ass. Surprisingly I killed two of them, but I’d desynched pretty hardcore, because I’m in the middle of nowhere and my internet blows. One of the guys was running on like, a loop, like he’d go from point A to point B, warp to point A, go to point B, warp to point A, etc. Since the game has client side shooting, I was still able to kill him, and god knows where he actually was on the server.

Mind you, this was weeks ago, and I’m still not VAC/Cheatpunch banned, because I wasn’t actually cheating. I was lagging. Badly.

They accused me of hacking, all of the clan, and despite having no actual proof. (The admin did not “catch me” doing anything, it was not an automatic ban by VAC or Cheatpunch, etc) Hell the admin didn’t even review any logs. I got banned from the server on word of mouth alone.


garry or any other dev must see this and try to improve the sync

I hope you prefer fair gameplay vs a personal victory.

i have no video but a funny story to tell…
yesterday i raid a house
when i was done with the raid i take back the loot to my house.
just to make sure i didn’t forget something i did go see again.
i decide to replace the broken wall…

i was clearly standing outside the house. i put the wall back and run back to my house…while running back i pull out my torch and see that i desync.
i log off and log back and what the fuck… i’m in the raided house with closed wall and the only option is to suicide myself… this bug need to be fixed…and yes they don’t work on it that mutch…they must fixe bug befor add content…

I should hope this is something that gets fixed at some point.

I used to desync horribly when I first bought rust, and aftr a couple o days of research I came across some posts claiming it was because I had an ASUS mobo. After several more days of tweaking my overclock settings the bug seems to have stopped for the most part. Now I just lag randomly. It feels almot like I come to a complete stop for just a moment, then I may continue. It makes shooting Other players and even mobs frustrating sometimes.

Last few patches has made this issue a 100% thing for me. I’m not really playing rust anymore due to this.
Still have a few PvP matches in battlefield server every other day (learning to shot around this desync), just not keen to spend hour’s gathering then get killed by a bow due to desync