Rust.The endless frustrating loop.

Buys game
Loves game
Builds house crafts stuff then logs.
Relogs next day stuff all gone , builds house crafts stuff logs.
Relogs next day stuff all gone, builds house crafts stuff logs.
Relogs next day stuff all gone, builds house crafts stuff logs.
Relogs next day stuff all gone , builds house crafts stuff logs.
Relogs next day stuff all gone , builds house crafts stuff, logs.

I’m all for hard core , pvp and everything but you must either create a server were we have some type of way to store our stuff safely from griefers.
I love this game but I cant play it anymore cause all the fun is gone, it just became a job. Maybe make towns and big places destructable but leave the little starter shacks immune to destruction. We need something I cant keep losing my stuff everyday , I dont even get excited anymore because I know that tomorrow theres a 90% chance it will be gone.
This must be fixed, you will lose potential customers.

Play on a PvE server.

Find a lower pop server and stop rebuilding houses that get raided repeatedly.

Cant I like PVP too much, I just wish we could save our stuff.

Ooh, you would like non sleeper PvP servers then. You keep your good stuff on your body and no one can touch it when you log out.

ahh so that what non sleeper mean ty im gonna try that awesome

Yeah so basically log with full inventory of good items incase you get raided. It’s a +

Man, every time that I get enough wood to make a house and a door I get suicided. Uber frustrating.

First tip, there’s a difference between a raider and a griefer. If they are taking all your stuff, they are a raider.

Second tip, stop building in the resource areas. You are a bigger target there.

With those being said, your stuff should never be safe. That’s the whole point of the game, never being 100% safe. That may cost the developers their softer audience, but I doubt that’s who they were trying to appeal to from the start. This game is very appealing for the fact that you have to learn to adapt to others’ strategies. Take a walk through these forums and you’ll find hundreds of threads on people who fail to adapt. They’re the ones crying about how hard the game is. Once you can climb out of that phase and start developing effective anti-raid designs, you’ll feel a lot better about the game.

They need to give us a sure fire way to save our stuff .

Don’t build wooden doors.

Make it hard to find your base.

Don’t put all your loot in one room.

Make rooms with tons of crates but nothing in them that are obvious to people looking from outside.

Hide the real loot in obscure places in rooms with only 1 crate.

Ok so you build a house either: close to a huge fortress OR out in the open OR you only build a shack OR you use wooden doors. And then you wonder why do you lose your stuff.

There’s no griefers but the cheaters. Learn to brain in order to do well in Rust.

That would make raiding pointless and ruin the game for most people.

No, they don’t, as that would defeat the entire point of the game.

The problem here isn’t with the game, or any of it’s mechanics. It is a personal problem, that you could avoid entirely through smarter play.

My crew plays on a high pop pvp server that has action 24/7. We are among the most well known members in the community, we have more enemies than we can count, and we have never been raided.


It’s quite simple: you build AWAY from anything even remotely useful. Players congregate to specific areas of the map, due to high concentrations of resources, zombies, etc…

When you avoid building in these high traffic areas, and hide/fortify your property accordingly, your chances for being raided are exponentially decreased. You need to consider a number of factors here, when deciding on a suitable location to build:

  • Surrounding Area (does it help hide your base? provide cover? etc…)
  • Grade (the grade of the terrain can effect your ability to place foundations, which can be detrimental when trying to fortify the location and/or when building the actual base).
  • External Fortifications (can you build them in the allotted space?)
  • Internal Fortifications (do you have enough doors? do you maze? etc…)

All this having been said, the bottom line really is that sandbox pvp games simply aren’t for everyone. It’s a niche market for a very good reason. I have a feeling that in this case it might just not be your cup of tea.

If you’re looking for a way to play building simulator 101, where you can hoard shiny pixels all day long risk free, I would suggest Minecraft. Rust is about risk vs reward, and if you never take any risks you’ll never reap any real noteworthy rewards. Start thinking outside the box.

People relax, op already found his answer with non sleeper servers. No need to keep beating a dead horse, the devs aren’t going to suddenly pull a 180 especially when they’ve already solved his problems with modded server options.

The only frustrating thing I see in Rust is the fact hackers do what they want.

Just think of building a house as learning to PvP… a lot of trial and error and failure until you get better. Remember, if you can find a spot for your house, chances are someone else can find your house once its built. So, try building in an area where nothing, not even rock features on mountainsides spawn. Pick two landmarks like two trees that form a line pointing north/northeastish and run for 15 minutes then build your main storage area.

Divvy up your loot between multiple places and learn how to hide small stashes so you have a bit of a safety net. You can even put stuff in a few small stashes then cover it with a workbench. You won’t be able to access those small stashes, but you can always destroy the workbench if you need to restart.

Finally, realize that with every precaution, you may still get raided… so just make it as expensive as possible with metal doors and multiple levels. As one guy put it when he was trying to raid a very tall tower “About a quarter of the way through blowing it up, I realized there couldn’t possibly be anything worth 64 C4 charges in there.”

Welcome to Rust (a survival game).

The only thing that scares me are server wipes.

No PVP Rust allows sleeper death and raids.


You may wish to experiment with a strategy of multiple hidden bases. Away from that, wait a few months and try again. Rust is less than 1% complete. It’s going to change a lot.