Rust - The first ever Ultra Hardcore Survival Tournament

What happens when a bunch of Youtuber minecrafters play Rust? Well, naturally a UHC. If you are not familiar with a it stands for Ultra Hardcore Survival, and basically pits single players or teams in a PvP. All teams are scattered about the map, and given a one day night cycle PvP free period to collect goods. After that, the killing starts. There’s no bathroom breaks or timeouts. You play until you win, or you are dead. We played on a whitelisted server with the Essentials mod installed. 4 teams of 3 battled to the death.

Our rules were simple:

  1. Shortened day night cycles. 15min days, 5 min nights
  2. All players start with 5 chicken. How boring would it be to starve on the first day?
  3. No structures other than those in survival crafting.
  4. Last team standing wins it all.

The game mode was a lot of fun. I’d love to hear if you try it out and what changes you made.

If you are interested I’ve posted up to episode 3 of the tournament. The link is here: Pipe shotty to the Head - Ep 3

I’ll be posting every other day until I win or die.