Rust - The hax

His first video on youtube! (I dont know how to link it easy sorry)

i don’t think he was hacking, the range of the shotgun can be a bit far

Guy was clearly hacking, no way at that distance a shotgun would deal as much damage as that at all.

Guy was probably using aimbot, with some type of no spread depending on if aimbot has that built in, to allow the spread of the shotgun to be focused into one spot rather then a out-burst like a shotgun does.

clearly hacking, shotgun might hurt you from that distance but it cant kill you in one blast from that distance with 100 hp

hard to tell. he’s not that far away, and he got a headshot BUT the spread should have reduced the damage enough that it wouldn’t kill you outright. i’d beleive having no-spread of some kind, but not really enough to go by with one kill for an immediate ban. probably the admin will watch him for a while, and check his logs.

Were you… playing without wearing a shirt?

What lol? That is clearly no-spread or whatever. If you were entirely free of armor, you would take around 20-30 damage absolute max from that distance.

Maybe in real life you would die, but this is Rust, and from that distance, you can survive 4-5 shots lol.

Haha yeah that’s no-spread and maybe even aimbot being used there.

Adrian was 100HP, it’s impossible to kill someone from full hp from that range with a shotgun in 1 shot due to spread, even if you get SUPER lucky.

I also made a video about hackers and I got banned for it here for 3 days. It’s stupid yes, I report hackers to get them banned or whatever they want to do with them but no, let’s ban me because that was not how Valve works?

Hes not hacking and dude… please get yourself a shirt.
They are not that expensive.

he used AimBot, this program allows you automatically aim in your head, in addition, it 1 shot removes all ammo.

Only way that wasn’t hacking is if it was someone else who shot you point-blank.

that was lag, that guy isnt hacking