Rust The ''Legit'' Admin


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You can see how “legit” are admins in this video.
At 3:55


And your point being?
Just change the server.

I did. I just wanted to show how “legit” admins are.

His point is that he shares the servers on which abusive admins are so that we can dodge them . Though I must admit it they should all be posted into one topic because there are too many .

Why is your intro just a bunch of farts?

Well that’s my old intro.
I think I was high when I made it [not really] :D.
I have no clue why I made my intro like that

So many angry brits.

Ik :smiley:

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Thank you!

Yeah, that’s a good thing, but did he ever mention what that server is? I didn’t notice that anywhere, maybe i just ommited it.

The server’s down now so you don’t need to worry :).

Jesus Christ, epilepsy on that intro.

Yeah,that why I made a new intro.
That video was kinda old so.