Rust the Musical

Alright this probably my last Rust video for a while, I’ve done a bunch. I tried to go out with a bang though.

Amazing! I loved every part of it! If I was on the same server with you, I would totally be down to play along in turning the game into a post apocalyptic version of Les Miserables.

That’s what I attempted to do, although I’m not entirely displeased with the results.

nice, want to see more of these things ingame
good vid

man, this is awesome!

hmm, maybe a barbershop flashmob next time :)- great vid :slight_smile:

Haha! :slight_smile:

Great Video!

I enjoyed seeing the other players join in the musical.
It’s really a shame that they are a lot of butt hurt people (like at the end of the video)
I did enjoy that you managed to get in their house and were jumping around while still singing.

My best / funniest playing experiences in rust have been because of players like you, keep up the good work!

I see you are not accepting friend request, you rather block the person thats adds you