Rust there is a hackers in frankfurt 1 serve

hey guys.there is a hackers in frankfurt 1 global server.last day a guy used fly hack like admin mode and he kill us in our base.he can 10-15 shoots in 0.5 sec with bow also.after we go offline he clean all cupboard list without use any c4 or rocket.all wall staying but he probably used wallhack or something like that.i asked on server chat .people said me that thing happened for them too.some one stole their loot without destroy any wall. hackers name was samuraishin he killed me but when i try report him i cant see him on f7 actualy no one couldnt see him in player list im sure he changed his name but pls check frankfurt 1 protucal map .

and i uploaded video for show u our cupboard and base

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky. Please don't report hackers here" - Novangel))