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Let me know what you think. Really think :slight_smile:

Melike! Interesting tidbits, didn’t know that the FP staff were taking up necromancy. Quite the shocking headline. Would be interesting to see newspaper in-game as a sort of litter item. Good for a read and backstory for each particular map, kindling or possible clothing crafting. There’s this homeless guy in my town that uses newspaper and duct tape as makeshift shoes. I suppose the newspaper acts as insulation?

This! Imagine devblogs like this.

HAHAHA, despite the bad spelling and grammar it was amusing.

Yes there was a vital emission in that issue it assumed that the reader knew that Garry had announced that he and his staff were contemplating bringing back zombies, that was a mistake.

paper can be used as armor i think it was the Japanese that had armor made from paper wads, paper is an amazing insulator the more layers the better.

Not sure the Devblog would be a good idea don’t think Garry need more work to do. but the community blog could do with some character in it’s layout (sorry Craig just my opinion).

Yep i agree did use a spell check but my grammar is horrific, thanks for the feed back

What I meant is, you could make one for each devblog. It could also carry community moments of course. Just saying a version of the devblogs like this would be awesome.

yeah in the Animal Instinct Article you wrote “Resonantly” the word you wanted was “Recently”, plus Rust should always be written with a capital “R”, otherwise you’re talking about the effect to metal. :slight_smile:

I loved it made me LOL. good job matey!!
Twice monthly with top stories would be enough if you wanted to make it a regular thing. i would subscribe for sure. This site needs more great humor like this.
I know i said it once but its worth repeating for the time you spent on it. Good job thumbs up

Perhaps i should start offering my building services…oh grym!!! we have a buisines opportunity here!! XD only issue is how do we get paid?

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Also i just HAD to find out what number 0800 696969 was…Air-conditioning
specialist Htbuers not sure if they do skull repairs tho.

** starred the name of the company out incase its against the rules or summin.**

Just had to :slight_smile:

even the wheelair spam? damn you are thorough XD

funny thing is i did not check out that spam web site till after i produced that image, nearly pissed myself when i did tho, it’s close to their design, their concept is a bit more sleek but same layout,

i spend a lot of time reading even the spam on Rust sites LOL as one reddit reader said “Someone has a tad too much time on their hands.”

But honestly i am enjoying doing them.

Raiders rage as walls heal! that’s hilarious!

"Raiders Revel as Walls Crumble!" hahaha

Thanks GrymThor, Not sure if i like the colour version tho, black and white sort of works, Decided for the time being to put 3 issues out a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It does better on Reddit that why i don’t post every new issue here, Reddits a bit more fast paced and throwaway news fits in well there.

Haha this is hilarious man! Loved the read! I like how you even add spam-ads that are related to Rust and therefore really funny :smiley:

Also good job on making it aesthetically pleasing, it looks like an actual newspaper/tabloid and being a bit of a graphical design geek I have to say it makes me very happy to see you know what you’re doing :). Alignments are neat, typography is awesome, etc.

Edit: I like the color edition! Oh and btw the vertical line next to “This weeks updates” used to separate, shouldn’t it be a little higher like the other vertical lines?

Thank You, in real life i do signage, setting stuff out is easy, writing is the hard part, really glad you enjoyed it.

Also some of the text is not justified I.E the two headlines in middle, LOL that’s why i put not fully justified at bottom (typesetters joke) funny thing is i giggled to myself when doing that.

Hahaha hadn’t noticed that, that’s hilarious :’)

Great work, kulan! :dance:

Well done man. Love them.