Rust Tools. A website very usefull for some stuff in game. Read thread for more info.

Website Info
This website was made for noobs mostly but has now got updated alot. If you want more on the website donate first of all just sayin.
Website is created for learning the basics of the game. It started small but when more and more people began using the website and donated sometimes they got money to add some more.
So now that little website has turned into a map - You can see areas RAD, NORMAL, HUNTING and ZOMBIE SPAWN areas. This website has names for everything and shows everything in game. If your confused about the place you think your at just click the camera and a picture will show up from ingame so you can be sure. If you for example need to find a friend you use this website to find your locations place markers send link to friend and share it. The map option has theese markers for marking stuff yeah pretty much says itself but is usefull for yourself and for others. Servers use this map function too if they maybe have special areas example PVP ARENA, DROP ZONE, PVE ZONES and what else they can make.
Base designer. Basicly you design a base but its early acces so doesnt have in house objects yet but only walls stairs pillars and doors. Shows how much matireal you use for all the stuff on the base and craft time for it all.

Why posting this?
Well as ive heard if this server gets 7,8k it will make a Hunter Simulator like the one in Hunger Games Cathing Fire where some NPC’s or ANIMALS appear and you fight them in spot or movement your own choise. They will also add fighting PVP and online PVP AREAS where you do simply as in Call Of Duty and fight 1 vs 1 or 5 vs 5 in a PVP AREA closed off ingame grafics and weps and you choose gear yourself
Later on again they will make a item list for item crafts and they will make threads about how to get eazy items and stuff like that. More info will come 27-03-2014 time -UNKNOWN- and there will be more exiting stuff as CAR BATTLES. SNIPER CHALLENGE and last of all speaken off right know BASE WARS where the idea right now is you use the DESIGN BASE and you save it to your desktop and go in the ONLINE BASE WARS upload the file and youll make a free server where people join. Again you can choose your own gear and choose from 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5.



Im not a part of he community but one of their top posters and i get to know their stuff to upload it like to this

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