Rust Train Idea Proposal

A friend and I had an idea to propose. In Rust, there it is a struggle to get around efficiently. Rather than just add cars and things for advanced people to get around, leaving new users to a disadvantage, we thought that a train would be a fair and valid means of transportation. Our idea had a few key features that I would like to discuss and see the opinions of the community on. We think that the train should travel in a continuous loop similar to the road and have set stops (train stations) to stop at. The train would not be able to be operated or controlled by players. The train would have a set time for when it arrives in a certain location, and how long it remains in that location before departure, all of which could be controlled by the admins of the server. The train would be a steam locomotive train, not a modern metro style train, to add more to the nostalgia of the game. PVP should be allowed in and on the train. A variety of train cars could be used ranging from passenger cars to box cars with large storage crates and other such appropriate items. This would allow for “bandits” to be able to control train trading and trade routes. This is just an idea that I would like to get out there. Please comment anything that you think should be added, and help popularize this so that the possibility of this becoming a feature in the game can become a reality.

Huh, this actually doesn’t sound that bad. I’d like to see a test run of something similar to this ingame.

I can see people camping close to the train stations with bolt actions and m4s, just waiting to pick people off as they exit/enter the train. Talk about sitting ducks.
I’m not opposed to your idea, as it adds another element to the game, but I can already see players bitching about being shot when they try to use it.

Nek minnit bandits set up bases next to the train stops and kos everyone and noone can use it