Rust UI Modifications


I recently started playing around with the Rust UI (new Rust, not legacy) and decided to share the changes I’ve made. Mostly it’s just a few modifications that I’ve made to make it easier to play on.



  • A transparent black box was added behind the chatbox text to allow reading chat while on snow.
  • Adjusted text color on many windows to increase visibility.
  • Made inventory/crafting windows transparent so I could see movement while raid looting.
  • Added a Azure blue frame to all the windows (Other colors could be made available upon request).

Comments & suggestions welcomed.

Setup Directions:

  1. Open the following folder (default install location),
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\html\assets\css

  2. Rename “rustGui.css” to something else, “rustGui.backup” for example in case you wish to return to the default UI.

  3. Drop the downloaded “rustGui.css” into this folder and start the game.


Nice work.

(they might change to unity5’s UI system from CoherentUI soon, just a heads up)

(where are you getting this information? please post source)