Rust Unban

Hello there
Sow i play this game 2-3 weeks and i enjoyed
I have 100+ hours of playing and one day i joined some server and i saw everyone was flying…But i didnt know it was cheat some guy give me link of that fly mod i thought it was something like fun…Then i was flying and later i was banned but others told me here is allowed to fly…and later about 2-3 hours later i got VAC Ban…I know that is my fault and that i shoudlnt listen to them but i was sow stupid
I just wanted to ask if i can get one more chance i am not hacker or anything i was just flying i didnt even knew it was hack/cheat

If u guys can give me once more chance i would appreciat it

Steam Profile:

But i didnt got ban from server it said Facepunch_Vac_Ban

Well that is all i ask for i really like this game and i would love to get one more chance

Well if i cant get tnx anyway

Wrong forum buddy. Facepunch doesn’t manage VAC bans. Steam manages those. Steam banned you, not Facepunch. Please create a new steam profile and rebuy the game. VAC bans are final and there are no unbans. You cannot pass GO, you cannot collect your $200.
Thank you


At least the OP has a little creativity, no matter how lame it sounds lol… Let it begin…

Gotta love how you obediently listened to “plead your case on Facepunch and they’ll unban you”, as said by “hack” providers, but ignored the big warning saying that using hacks will result in a VAC ban that the company that makes the game has on the loading screen.

A three year old account with only nine games on it? That’s something I was never expecting to see… Anyways, as everyone else said, you cheated there is no denying it.

1.Facepunch cant unban you from VAC bans.
2. You can never hack on a server with VAC ever its not aloud.
3. Think before you cheat. If you don’t want to be banned don’t cheat.

he just wanted to fly :frowning:

So I was on a server and some guy was spawning 100s of c4. It seemed like fun so he gave me the link and I downloaded it. Now I’m banned. WTF?

*jonny for me 10 games is enought if u have sow much money u can buy 1000 games I dont care…I dont play everyday PC…

And sow sorry guys if I accident puted wrong forum if u think this is funny I love to see when u guys get ban and get fun for it exp like u steven…

See, there in lies the thing. A majority of us know better than to use “hacks” and such. Therefore a majority of us aren’t going to get banned from Rust. Even if we did, most of us know not to come here looking to get unbanned as most of us know FACEPUNCH HAS ZERO AUTHORITY WITH REGARDS TO VAC AND THEREFORE CANNOT UNBAN YOU IF YOU WERE VAC BANNED. Plus people who come here claiming to be innocent are ridiculed for their lack of common sense.

I don’t even know what you said up there, no one is going to get banned as long as they don’t use cheats. (like you did)

You made a mistake, deal with it. Re buy Rust, or don’t. Just don’t try to get unbanned because that won’t work.

Mods to let you fly? What do you think steam is? SAMP?

You can get away with that on other small games like SAMP and stuff like that, not on steam buddy.

That’s what u get for HAX BRAH LOL … Before u download something u need to make sure if its not virus and do a research on it :slight_smile: IN UR FACE KID …

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Everyone was flying so I want to fly… LOL