Rust United Kingdom server down?

I can connect to every other server but when i try to connect to UK it says “connecting” i was on it 10 minutes ago.
happening to anyone else?

I cant connect either :slight_smile:

Server is down,wait for Facepunch to restart it.

yea server is down

still down :frowning:

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Down for soooooo long :frowning:

Still down

Yes we know it’s still down, do we need updates saying it’s still down?

Prob not but would be nice to have feedback ;p


Are both UK servers down? The standard one says there 64 players on it, but I get stuck on connecting for that one too.

No idea but United Kingdom is still offline

is anyone actually on the server?

new update maybe?

no idea … was hoping for feedback

Anyone know if they are trying to fix this?

no idea …there has been no feedback at all

Yeah its really starting to annoy me :C

why are you rating all these dumb because they are not dumb you idiot

is it still down for everyone?