Rust University

Hello everyone!

So I notice quite many questions lately in rust on how the game works.

So I was thinking would a daily ‘class’ in the PvE server with specific time periods be anything anyone would be interested in? Where all new players can gather around ask questions where we all are on TS .
Where more experienced players can share good to know information.

Would anyone here be interested in this and would you attend if the hours matched you? If the feedback is positive I will further evolve my idea

I like the idea Twenty, but unfortunately it would be a grief fest.

I agree with Drummel. While the intent is admirable, it would more than likely turn out terrible. The best thing to do is just to direct new players to the PVE server as there is many people that can help our and it is less a competition there, unless you count building the largest structures. Great thought though.

Who would host these classes, and what would be the benefit over using a wiki?

For some reason i found the wiki crap. EXPECT FOR THE MAPS. But yes its a good idea in theory but it just wouldn’t work out you’d have some spoiler who ruins it, but good idea.