[Rust unplayable] Surprise server down - happy loosing everything Y'All!

Well, im pissed. Seriously, really pissed. Building a nice big shelter, nicely hidden. Not exactly Ninja-dojo, but like 1 visitor every 2 days so its k and i have a handcannon in response for C4 at that moment. Anyways - tons of ressources, MP5, 2x 9mm, ammunition, medipacks, armor. Everything. Opening door, going into my house, turning around to close the door - fckn disconnect. Not even the slightiest of all warnings. So what now? its 01:00 in germany, an european server. Am i expected to start over from 0, just because i opened the door exactly when they decided to go all

“Hey, you know what would be fun? If suddenly all servers stopped working! You know, without a warning or some of that crap, #survival #yolo #swag” - said retard A
“Yeah, you are right, but you know what would be even more fun? If those players wouldnt be able to save their stuff from being robbed or destroyed in any way, so they have to loose everything after dying over and over and finally getting a grip for once #smart #hardcore #hatersgonnahate” - said retard B

And thats how the updates in Rust work, dear kids.

I really try to get my sht together, but its fairly difficult if you have to worry more about the server connection than about bandits and zeds. As it is right now, Rust is unplayable. As in - you dont have a chance to play. Its like a game that crashes once you press start - it might be a great game, but in the end it will be just a gaming-cckteaser and nothing more, just aggravating and annonying everyone.

Fix this sh*t ASAP, im Sirius, see you in my crosshair.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming, don't be rude, welcome to alpha testing." - postal))

Oh boo hoo, play on a different server there is literally over a thousand of them. This is ALPHA. This is to be expected.

Alpha. Give it time, or find another server that’s more playable. Sorry dude :confused:

How about boo hoo go F yourself? I cant connect to ANY server. And its not my connection. Literally every other online game from Atlantica to World of Tanks works perfectly fine. All ports open, so its not from my side.

How can a game be played if its not playable? So yeah, alpha, have i said something else? I said it doesnt work, thats all.

Also the “such survival, much realistic, very guns” aspect of the game is kind of F-ing over everyone, whenever such a crash happens. Everyone then just sits there and spams the reconnect button. Healthy for the servers? I dont know, maybe. However, it sucks and i marked the thread as a rant, if you want a thread where someone licks the dev’s balls, go search for one with a heart-tag.

I would lick the dev’s balls willingly. And you can quote me on that. :wink:

When did Rust get out of Alpha and Beta stage? Are we not testing anymore? Jeez, these things should really only be happening in Alpha and Beta, shame we aren’t there anymore…

Reread that little section underneath the Buy Now option. You knew what you were getting into and the devs even said, “DON’T BUY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO TEST BUGS.” And with the impending update this week, you were going to lose all your shit anyway. Get real, have some perspective, or stop playing until development is further along.

Hey, funny guy, guess what you have in every stage of a game past being able to launch it? Ingame text. So an ingame test, that says, hmm, i dont know, something like “Hi, we will just shut down the servers, because…well, because? You’ve got 5 minutes to NOT loose everything you gathered in 5 hours” would be some fckn nice top priority addition, you know?

If they at least had a proper forum, you could know whats going on, but nnope, i cant even find out whether this is a server crash or if they just made an “update” thats apparently 1TB big and therefore has to implement for half a day. This way you just have to rely on any information you can pick up from somewhere halfway trustworthy. In my case i found out that its a patch, though ofcourse i have no idea if it is.

Its just unorganized and messy

If the server goes offline, and everyone is disconnected, you fully despawn(Everyone fully despawns from the map), and will only respawn/load onto the map, when you log back into said server, reguardless of how long you were away, unless a wipe happens ofc, that is different than a server going offline, i hope your outter door is not important.

Oh, really? Well, thats nice, cause if you had read my thread it dced me just when i opened my house, so 90% of my ressources are now just laying there in the open, ready to take. Sure, if i login with all the others im right there, but if i - lets say - go to sleep, because its half 2 in the night, i would be pretty F-ed by the first no-life who gets to my house because the server goes on at 4 in the morning.

It’s unstable, are you dense? it’s ALPHA. It will work one moment, and be dead the next. Next time make sure you actually read what you are getting into when you are buying a game.

It’s not that big of a deal man…
If you only have one door then you’re practically asking for it anyways.
2 C4 isn’t exactly hard to get, I’d bet on you getting raided whether the door was open or not.