Rust Unraidable Base Please Fix!!

So as you may know there is a OP way of dominating on a server with a base I have seen way to many times before…

What needs to be fixed:

People are able to have storage crates in the middle of metals doors that cannot be destroyed, It is considered a suicide base because its the only way in. They put stuff in the box etc and die and get it and just keep doing it that way. The base is completely off the ground with pillars everywhere and a roof with no way getting in. People have completely dominated a server that way and I hope to see this matter fixed soon.

Unless it is a specific design that only works on servers that have remove and groups active which uses spikes to be able to put items in the crates these bases are easy as fuck to raid

Even if /remove is active on a server… It would still not matter due to the fact that structures can overlay on each other in order for such things to be done. I agree that raiding bases like that is easy but the only thing keeping it to work is the fact that a storage box overlays with a metal door on top of it.

I dont see this being indestructible. Can you provide some media related to it?

You can raid a suicide base with 100 wood and 2 c4… They’re really bad and only secure you from noobs. Once you learn all the tricks to raid you’ll laugh at these “unraidable” bases.

Trust me when I say this.

Literally no base is unraidable, I don’t care if your under a rock under the map inside your foundation with 20 walls around your loot room.

If someone wants too bad enough, they will get in.

so how do u get into a suicide base? with some fucked up pillar barricade bs?

Angled spike wall.

Thx to jediaelthewis for showing this to me:

on some servers suicide bases are against the rules