Rust unraidable Base tutorial / ladder proof

hope you will enjoy its an (really hard to raid base)

if you want to make it more secure you can add as much floors to your base and walls and doorways

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it doesnt matter if people break into your house they won’t get to the underground secret base just got raided by a huge clan and kept all of my stuff because of this trick

Be sure to sub likes for more tricks like this ones

**Extra info upgrade all the foundation to the same material (wood by exemple)

Be sure that where you place the furnace no light bug can be seen

the other floors on the base should only be filled with wall maze like i did and dead end

yep they were unsucessfull i didn’t loose nothing at all they just wasted a ton of supply lol

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it is i did not loose anything and i was updating my base had removed my some of my walls and they happened to be there at the time why you guys are so negative like honestly

Here there his another rust player using cave base with hidden room and listen to what he has to say

Weak base …

  • They can ladder up and jump in the center with minimal effort.
  • Hidden floors only work if people are extreme dumb. Most clans will take there time to compare your structure vs the geographical layout.
  • Furnaces make a lot of novice: People can walk in the area and determine there position. And furnaces CAN be see. There still a few light bugs that sometimes make the furnaces visible despite several solid walls in between ( this manifest from a big distance ).
  • The amount of resources to upgrade it to armored is insane with this base. Its again the typical spend 30 hours building / upgrading in hopes to be raid safe. What you will not be.
  • Hidden floors are easy to find because … every floor part is stone but a few pieces not. That is for any raider a red flag to “check” under there. At best you can make it wood and it will still draw attention. Make it stone and you spend 20 minutes ( and 6 pickaxes ) hacking outside your own safe area. And that is if the raid does not happen when your out gathering stuff.

I had a armored 4 layer cave base that was hidden ( and i mean really well hidden ). It took the raiders exactly 1.5 minutes to breach all the armored walls. Several C4 … biep biep biep … Several C4 … biep biep biep … Several C4 … biep biep biep … Several C4 … biep biep biep … and there they are… and that raid was only two days after a server wipe ( inc BP ). There is no way you can upgrade a base that big with full armored in that short time.

By the location it is located in my base when i upgrade the foundation to stone (in the vid they were not upgraded i checked every ways and you can’t see any lightning bug) checked everywhere outside for 20 minutes

if they ladder up i have atleast 5 armored layer of walls ( as i said into my video make a maze with the wall every for every floors you add

(last one don’t base yourself on what the foundation were updated to i was just explaining obviously i upgrade all the foundation to the same material

But yes it is quite much on the gathering part but it is rust

as i suggested also to add more doors the inside should be completed by adding a maze of code locked doors with dead end

Those doors won’t deter anyone with C4. The blast damage will be severe on that honeycomb design, 3-4 C4 would go a long way.
Cave bases are like a magnet for raiders. People don’t like seeing them, I think it’s because you couldn’t damage walls inside them until a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen many cave base last more than a day or two, regardless of how well it was built.

Imo the only way to make a base unraidable is to build a labyrinth around your base and recruit people to have a constant watch over the base.

yeah this is why you need to wall/door spam inside you base and to make it seem that this is your main area but i do agree about the blast damage

One of your own comments on your video:

So it’s not really “unraidable” then?

Well then don’t call it unraidable when it isn’t unraidable. It’s as simple as that.

Kind of depends on what definition you’re using for “raided.” Obviously if the defender didn’t lose any supplies, then the raid was unsuccessful. Stop me if I’m moving too fast for you.

yep they were unsucessfull i didn’t loose nothing at all they just wasted a ton of supply lol

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it is i did not loose anything and i was updating my base had removed my some of my walls and they happened to be there at the time why you guys are so negative like honestly just doing this video to help people that don’t know they are a good way to build a hard to raid base

i agree lol but this get pretty close without watching too much

Really? It’s been since the 14th (The day I made my cave base) and nobody has even attempted to raid it.

Kinda want somebody to, only to realize that 20 C4 later (If they take the direct route) I have very little supplies.

Everything is kept hidden in fake floors underground. Everything is armored too, I just suicide in and out, transferring supplies with a crate that is accessible through a small crack in the wall.

I keep about 5k metal frags and ore, other supplies in the “main area” as a decoy, whenever I get over about 6k of any item it goes into storage in the hidden room.

I checked on a few quality settings, aside from the noise you can’t see the furnaces on the outside, which is good because there are three out in the open and 12 inside the hidden room, makes processing 20k ore extremely quick.

Of course, it might also be that I give noobs a starter kit (map, stone, revolver and ammo) and trade with people all the time. I’ve got a huge sign outside my base with my name on it, “WE TRADE :)” and “FREE BLUEPRINTS” I keep in a chest outside.

So far there have only been three groups hostile to me. One I evicted from their own base, left them a lovely eviction notice. The other group I just got today, three dudes who would always use me as target practice if I walked anywhere close to them.

Snuck in their base at night with ladders (Open windows haha), stole 26K ore and 4k metal, among other things. Anything that wasn’t of use to me I dropped out of the crate so it would disappear, also found their cabinet and surrounded their base with floor spikes (Literally surrounded them using their own supplies, 4 layers thick floor spikes).

Still looking for the base of the third group of people. Tried to offer a dude a guitar blueprint while exploring the tundra, instead thompson’d me and took my winter clothes so my sleeping bag there is useless. Gonna have fun with them.

I tried to be nice but they wouldn’t stop their shit.

Being mostly friendly goes a long ways. I’ve even had people kill me after I got the airdrop, take the drop off me and then help my dude up, letting me keep my items that obviously weren’t from the drop, exchange “Good game” and go on our way.

Finally someone who understand me

and you do have some interesting facts out there :slight_smile:

About the floor trick,can someone test something for me.

1.Leave out 1 or 2 foundation pieces to replace with floor
2.Place sleeping bag and chest under floor
3.Place chest on top of fake foundation
4.Place items in top chest
6.Spawn on sleeping bag under stairs
7.Default between standing and crouching to move items between chests.

Only someone really dumb would be fooled by this. Everyone knows what a cave looks like and how deep they are, it would make no sense to cut off 60% of it that way… Id check down there before doing anything else.