Rust Update - BUG? - Bandages no longer stack and are slow

I noticed that my cloth bandages no longer stack and now work like the medical syringe. I can’t spam them during a fight.

Why is this?

It’s that way specifically to prevent people from spamming bandages during a fight.

Always read the devblog if things change on patch Thurdsays before posting.

Healing items are now healing-over-time instead of instant, except for the syringe.

Bleed like a real man.

Don’t see anything in the patch notes about bandages no longer being stackable

Preventing them from instantly healing is one thing, we still need the item to stack so we don’t fill up on space too quickly.

i’d prefer them stackable for space too. besides, if they only provide cumulative regeneration (not exponential, gotta make sure you don’t end up regenerating like 10hp a second by using more than one) there’s not really any reason not to allow them to stack. same with syringes etc.

Weapons are not stackable, the new healing items are all weapon items they are usable using the fire system ( load into slot, choose slot, press left or right click to do an action )

I do not want people to be able to stack up healing items and spam them in combat. or spam them easily running away for that matter.

I like the new system I am all for it.

I don’t mind them not stacking.

Admins can stack them apparently, so it is deliberate.

It shouldn’t matter if they’re stackable though since there’s a damn animation tied to it. Healing should be a part of combat I dont get why we’re trying to completely limit how many healing items we can hold. Either give us back the ability to stack them or remove the animation tied to them.

I think animation alone can achieve this just fine. and hell slow down or stop motion while using it, but allow stacking.

As Polypeptide said on reddit:

It should be stackable in the inventory, but you can only move one bandage to the hotbar for use at a time. The same with the syringe.

We can stack a 1000 pieces of wood or stones in our inventory, why not bandages and syringes.

So to sum up: Stack in inventory, but no stacking in hotbar

for me, stacking should be fine for everything, including medical gear in the hotbar. the limiters should be A) animation/delay before being able to use the item again and B) max stack sizes.

I’m in favor of the slowdown, but stacking should be returned. You’re telling me that the same inventory slot that holds wood for a wood foundation + 3 wood walls isn’t big enough to hold two bandages?

I can stack Rad Pills so why not bandages? yes the slow down takes a bit of getting use to but I can live with it in a fight.