RUST Update Details

So far there is:

Wood Gateway
Wood Gate
Large Wood Spike Wall
Small Wood Spike Wall
Supply Signal (Only from Airdrops/Killing Players, Cannot be researched or crafted, Unsure about Zombie/Mob drops)

Neither of these require foundation and can be placed anywhere (Thank god)

Spike Walls can be placed on rock/cliffs.

Wood Gate takes 1 C4, Wood Gateway took 40.

Small Wood Spike Wall took 3 C4 to blow up.

Large Wood Spike Wall was claimed by an admin to take 20 C4, although it’s unsure at the moment.

I’ve noticed large performance increases (Even on my garbage PC) also new sounds when walking on wood, grass and hatcheting wood, etc.

Small Spike Wall did about 30 damage when walking into, after staying for an additional 1 second the damage doubled.

When throwing the Supply Signal, it automatically brings in an airdrop right on top of you.

Some images of the Gateway opened/closed and large spike wall base defenses for the win.

Any more info?

is hunting rifle in dev version right now?


Is it true there is a Smoke Genade to call supplies?

Ofcourse! Besides you can call an air strike now!

lol 40

The Wood Gateway doesnt take 40 C4?
I tested it and i could destroy a Gateway with MP4, im 100% sure i dont mess up the names right now.
I was surprised too. I tried out how many C4 you Need for a Wooden Gate: It was 1
And then i start shooting on every building so i could see if some of them take shotdammage.
And yes the Gateway dissappeared after 30 or 60 shots with the MP =(

this must be the best patch ever! did u guys see those spikes!?

we need small wood gates for windows please!!!

Why is the serves offline

YES! Please make doors for the windows … PLEASE!

If this is all the update has, then I’m personally somewhat disappointed. And yes I know more will come. Who knows, just wait to play this update first before I really judge it.

If they didn’t add the junk bolt action rifle then i’m truly pissed off…

Well. looks like I need to get on and play!

Large Wood Spikes take 4 C4 to take down.

[PGH] Server is updated
Under Normal Server List:[PGH][DEV-UPDATED]Event-Sleeper
Come test out the update on the server, I’ll be active and making give aways on it.

Added lot’s of new images, currently none of small wood spikes, but you get the idea I’m sure.

how do you update your server to dev branch??

The spikes and the gate look pretty cool. Do they hurt animals? Just trying to think of how to use them awkwardly :wink: