Rust Update Idea's

Hello Face Punch, i was wondering if you were ever going to give an update close to the actual release about digging into the ground.
You could use this feature to hide valuables just in case your house get’s raided by online people.

I was also thinking that you should add in a locking mechanism onto the doors to stop people from breaking into the house so easily, and you should make lock pick’s but make them slightly rare.

I hope you have a look at some of my idea’s, and consider them.

I’d suggest searching the forums before posting, digging as been suggested before and won’t be coming. They are also working on a combo locks for doors.

Thanks, but im new i just joined so please don’t get pissed at me, and do you have steam

Your username doesn’t lie, you truly are blind

Nobody’s getting pissed at you. Have a look at already-made threads and familiarize yourself with the forum before you start posting threads.

Why would you ask him if he has steam when:

  1. He has a Steam icon right there on his comment and
  2. You NEED Steam to play Rust