Rust - Update Required

So when trying to play the game all i see in my steam library is:

Rust - Update Required

When I try to run the game from this menu anyway, I get this message.

An error occurred while updating Rust (Disk write error)

I have already tried several things to fix this,

  1. Verify Game cache
  2. Re installing rust
  3. A solution on the forum, something about selecting dev branch. Look around on the forum, you’ll find it.
  4. Going into steam apps and running rust as administrator.

None of this stuff worked,

My PC is an MSI GT780R, everything is default except I installed an SSD.

All of my drivers are up to date.

Please let me know if you need any more information.


I had the same problem however this solved it for me

What exactly did you have to do to fix it then? I was playing this game with no issues yesterday. It is only since the update today that I started having issues.

Having same issue.

Ok, so I restarted my computer and suddenly it started working.

I feel like a noob for not trying that before posting this.

Sorry I linked the wrong thing from steam. You need delete to Appcache in your steam folder or do a restart it seems

its because the update didnt complete for you