Rust update today? now everything is fucked...again

So yeah, got home from work 30 minutes ago… Rust says it has a update… I go to update, and it says [An error occurred while trying to update rust(disk write error)]

So I delete all local content, download the whole game…and I get the same message, so then I try and verify my game cache via steam, and it says everything is good.

It worked like 4 hours ago…so…


uninstall again, I had to do it twice this morning then it booted up.

I’ll try that.

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So i tried it again and same thing…
I deleted “local content”

So now i actually went into the steam folder and deleted everything that way… we’ll see what happens.

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shweet, that did the trick.

Dunno what update screwed it up to begin with.

Trying this now after steam/rust has been thrashing my HDD stuck in an endless “validating” cycle all night, thanks for the recommendation/insight into fixing this.

It’s hardcore survivalism, not only are you to survive Rust in game but you need to survive Rusts bugs and other dramas. If people cant do this they’re playing the wrong game.
Just keep at it, never let it get you down, for only those who persist, will be rewarded.

Forgive me if I get demoralized with this game.

after 2 computers 2 routers and 4 months later I STILL can’t play legacy.

So whenever I get errors on experimental, I prepare myself for the fact, it might be the last time I play.

Seriously? Sounds like there’s something more afoot than Rust.

Aight, well legacy aside.

I re-downloaded experimental yesterday, finally got it working… played…

and tonight it did it again.

So I deleted it, probably will download it again in a few weeks. But in the meantime… fuck you garry.

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I know that A LOT of other people were getting the same error I was getting.

Rust isn’t a game. It’s a lifestyle choice :wink:

Its a religion, if you have no faith in it, you’re in the wrong religion.

Why fix something when it’s not broken I kept thinking update after update. Can you roll us back to 1452 or something?

This happens often for me with the Dev Builds, I find a simple restart of Steam fixes it.