Rust upgrades and history

Hello All,
Yes I know Old Rust how blase but has anyone else have an issue with most updates without their history.

If you mean the change log for the updates it is here

No sorry I should of been more clear, the history in the game. All the sites I’ve been to wiped gone no more…

The Rust subforum is 577 pages long, so the history’s there, to a large part. Plus, the game’s in alpha, things are transient and early.

do you mean development history or background story?

as elix said, most of the dev history/discussion is right here, on, the twitter and the trello.

as for background story, nothing official in existance, but plenty of user fiction.

I think he is talking about the history tab in rust itself, the list keeping getting emptied on his client so he loses all his previously played servers.

It has happened to me once I think, so no I don’t have the issue.

Edit: nevermind I reread his post and think I misunderstood him

actually i think you might be right. occasionally in between updates i will lose my server history, but it hasn’t happened for ages.

if it’s just one or 2 servers gone though, the servers in question might have actually shut down.

PewPewman you are correct I am talking about the HISTORY tab in the game it self, I lose the servers I play on and while I know server do shut down two of them are mine so I know they are up and running. :downs: It is all the servers I play on, if I go to the other tab the ones I starred are in there but history gone… Thanks

Yep happened again today after update.