Rust upload/download while playing

Hello fellow naked men,

i have a question that i want to get answered before i get rust. I have rly bad Internet and i want to ask u guys how high the upload / download goes while playing. What do i need to download and upload while playing (charakter movement and what else). I would rly like to get some kb/s numbers from upload and download while playing. Has it higher upload and download as the dayz standalone or is it more like infestation survivor stories in terms of that ?

Thank u guys :slight_smile:

pls i rly need to know this :frowning:

Test it yourself…

It’s very easy to do. Learning to use Google is where you’ll want to begin, things should get much easier from that point forward.

Considering chinese players are still having fun around 300 ping on our servers, I would say you’re fine. If you can play Infestation and are satisfied with the experience then I would assume you will find Rust to be quite similar.

Just a tip though: Do not buy this game unless you understand that it is in Alpha and things can and will go wrong. Bugs will pop up and the game may become unplayable. This isn’t related to your internet speed but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind before you buy.

You could probably play this on dialup so long as your ping wasn’t >500 (of course, lower the better). Your net must really be dismal though if you can’t even spare the bandwidth for all the letters in really and please.

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