Rust Uprising - 2/4 NEW | Store | Instacraft | Super Starter Kits | Noob Friendly

**Click here to see the website!

Server IP: net.connect
Copy the the server ip and press F1 and paste it in and press enter and you will automatically connect to the server! :slight_smile:

Here at Rust Uprising we will bring you the best server we can give you. We will help you communicate with your friends and easy to find them by just typing to them /tpa “name” but don’t move or it will be cancelled! Then your friend will respond by typing /tpaccept and it’s easy as that!

I just created the store so you guys can get an early start and these are for donations to helping the server stay up. It’s not like I am going to 420 Blaze It behind the school gym. It’s not like that. It is to help me out and help you guys out. Thanks!

For our events I will do events such as PVP Arenas, Kill The Admin, and Mass Drops of Airdrops!

The server will be instacraft so you don’t have to wait all day to make items.

Super Starter Kits
This is what I will be working some time on now. I will make sure the super starter kits change once awhile. To activate a super starter kit you only have to type /kit starter in the chat and you will get items in your inventory. Make sure your inventory isn’t almost full otherwise you won’t get the full set.
The Super Starter Kit Includes:
Pick Axe
Metal Door
Wood Shelter
10 Cooked Chicken Breast
Small Medkit

P.S. It is really hard to get out there as a Rust Server. But to you guys I promise you the most and make this your favorite server out there. So if you guys can play on it then I will do tons of events to make the game better and what other servers don’t have. Promise me.

Add me on Steam for any questions. First 10 people on will get prizes!

That’s it for today. Remember there is no admin abuse on this server at all so don’t worry and have an amazing time on Rust. Byyeee :slight_smile: