Rust using integrated graphics card.

Hi I am playing rust in my laptop and I am having trouble running the game using my integrated graphics card is there any way to use my nvidia graphics card to run it thanks.
PS:its not my laptop specs i can run almost all my game in max just only by putting them in high performance mode with my nvidia card

Try to go to nvidia control panel and set in the 3d options the default graphic card for use with Chrome and/or firefox plugin container the nvidia instead of the integrated.

I have tried to put my firefox in to high performance but it won’t let me any ideas

U said u used high performance before. It’s not in firefox, it’s in the windows control panel…

yes i know where it is i go into my nvidia control panel and try to change my firefox to high performance but it cant be changed and same with plugin container

No, only Opera supports this. Those two browsers somehow always use integrated.
So I recommend to use Opera browser and then set the nvidia setting on it. I did it - the fps became smooth as glass (from 5-10 fps to more than 30 fps)

Thanks i tried Opera and it now runs at about 45 frames thanks again