Rust using more and more RAM untill unplayable + Crash to Desktop

I have a i5-3570k @ 3.40 GHz, GTX 770 2GB, 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz 7-8-8-24 DDR3 RAM. I can run Rust fine at maximum setting with good fps.

The problem I am having is really annoying and making me not want to play Rust.

When I first launch the game I can play just fine but after a while I start getting slight lag occasionally. A little more time passes and then it gets much worse. Chat stops working, Can’t open storage boxes, open/close doors, move items in inventory, build ect ect.

While this is going on I still have good framerate and still able to move, swing Hatchet ect but nothing works untill after some time everything I have done during that period of time will all happen very fast and at once. Example: I can be swinging my hatchet at trees but I will not get any wood untill suddenly all the wood will come at once and the trees I was swinging at disapears and tons off player messages suddenly apear in chat. This period off time that nothing seems to be working can vary in length but its anywhere from 1-15 minutes and only takes seconds or minutes to happen again untill the game eventually crashes to desktop

I have monitored and tested many things to try and solve this untill I figured out it was to do with RAM. When I first launch the game Rust is using about 4GB off ram. This number keeps increasing over time untill it starts using 5-5.5GB which is where I start getting problems.

This is very frustrating. Nothing worse than Raiding/Being raided or having a shootout and this happens and you can’t do anything but run and hide in a bush and hope you didn’t die. I’m sure this affects everyone but those with a larger amount off RAM don’t notice it as it takes longer to use all there memory untill theres no free space availible.

I can confirm that the memory leak does exist but your symptoms sound like they have more to do with internet latency. Typically memory leaks either lead to a crash-to-desktop or general FPS drops.

I have the same problems playing on servers with low ping. My Internet Download/Upload speeds are great and ping is great. Except some servers outside off europe can have high ping.

EDIT: It is to do with Memory running out after Rust starts hogging more than my rig can give. I can keep Alt-Tabbing to task manager and see it happening and free space go to 0.

That’s really weird man I hope you find a solution.