[Rust++] USWEST PvP/Sleep/1/4 Craft/Starter/Active Admins/No Abuse/Normal Loot/Airdrops15+

Ready for that exciting Rust experience on a fresh server? Join us!

R++US 1/27W PVP/Slp/Starter/25% craft


The server is fresh wiped as of 7pm PST 1/27/14
Players of all types are encouraged to join, from noobs to veterans, solo survivors or bandit clans.

PVP is on and encouraged, as is raiding.
ALL LOOT is Vanilla loot(Unmodded)

The only rules are as follows:
No hacking, No exploiting, No intentional base griefing(Ceiling capping stairs, and intentional pillars used to disrupt continued crafting. Using foundations and stairs to get into a base, adding onto pillars to pillar hop, is all fine and dandy)

Check us out and thanks for looking!