Rust VAC ban

I just joined rust all together a day ago and I seem to be “VAC Banned” I myself have no idea what that is but I cant get on. :frowning:
Someone please help I enjoy playing this game with my mate’s so much.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

1 - Could you please share your steam account ?

2 - Facepunch does not deal with VAC bans. Contact vac support.

3 - VAC bans means you got banned for using hacks in general.

4 - You wont get unbanned.

You cheated, plain and simple. Try all you like to convince us that you didn’t, but VAC’s insanely positive track record is pretty hard to ignore. We couldn’t do anything about it anyways.

VAC banned means Valve’s system flagged your account as one with hacks on it. There’s nothing anyone here can do for you; even if you’ve nothing to do with hacks, the chances of you getting unbanned are pretty low. If you want to try anyway, you’ve got to take it up with Valve/Steam, because Facepunch has nothing to do with it.

Don’t mind the idiotically pretentious video Mio posted, and don’t bother posting your Steam account unless you want a sweaty horde of amateur internet detectives who don’t know the meaning of confirmation bias swarming the thread to make themselves feel good.

I warn you. It’s a trap.

VAC will ban you if you have modified DLL files, modified EXE files or something that is actively modifying the memory of the game.

These threads are happening daily, lol.
Too bad this ones boring with no background story or reasons to why he thought he got banned.

Hey man, that’s not very nice. I took a shower today, I’m cleaned up and ready to rumble.

Why did you cheat?