rust VAC Banned

Hello Im hoping I can find out why my account got banned. I am not sure as to why I hope some one can help me with this. thanks Fubar.

Because you cheated.

No one is going to help you here, go to Steam support stuff.

U got served.

I dont Cheat.

Vac doesn’t lie you cheated you got banned, I don’t know why you even bother asking…

VAC detects you fucking with game files in ways that have been confirmed as cheats. You’re wasting your time trying to convince us you don’t cheat, more so when we can’t do anything about it since that’s controlled by VALVE, not facepunch.

I dont know how i would have cheated?

If it was a CheatPunch ban there would have been a very slim chance of getting help from here, but you say its a VAC ban. Facepunch can’t give you any sort of information as to why you were VAC banned, nor can they overturn/appeal it. You have to contact Steam Support/Valve, but bear in mind that the odds of getting a VAC ban overturned for anything other than some kind of known mass problem are extremely low and they WILL NOT tell you exactly why you were banned.

EDIT: If you used a map overlay or something to make it brighter at night other than fiddling with you monitor, those count as "hacks’. “Hacks” do not just mean god mode/aimbots/etc.

A quick search of your screen name finds punkbuster ban records for hacking in BF3, and profiles on a popular hack website. So I think you know why you got banned. Because you have no skill in video games and have to cheat to compete. Have fun trying to get your ban lifted.

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Here’s the link to your PB Ban for hacking in BF3.