Rust - Valar Morghulis - Ep. 1 .2 - "All men must die"

Here’s a another Rhinocrunchs videos

Rust - Valar Morghulis - Ep. 1 - “All men must die”


Rust - Valar Morghulis - Ep. 2 - “Neighborhood Psycho”


Funny words ! And Video ! Quote: Dont bite your mouth so much more than You can Chew!


Rust - Valar Morghulis - Ep. 3 - “Remolding Crew” New!

Published on Feb 13, 2016


Rust - Valar Morghulis - Ep. 4 - “Newman Infestation”

Published on Feb 21, 2016
All good things must come to an end. I hope you enjoyed this little mini series.

This video is a continuation of the Rust play through series, Valar Morghulis. Me and Boedusky and some neighbors we like start raiding all other neighbors in an initiative to clean the area of the newman infestation. Spirit Breaker is the final episode in the series and shows what 2 motivated, well coordinated dudes can accomplish together.