Rust vehicles, work horses and traps + other silly stuff.

So it’s about time to add females to the game. Unless we want to have a bunch of Centars running around.

However by the pics they need lots of work honestly that chick fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down… A kinder face and some real breast please!

  • Some transportation please!

So there is a lot of water out there and having boats would be a great idea as long as some maps supported more islands.

Simple canoe or reed boat

Row boat

Small sailing boat

Cog - Larger sail boat for raiding / trade / transportation

  • Moving the big loads

A cart or wagon would be great for loading up building supplies so fewer trips could be made.

Hand cart doubles caring capacity for the user

Small wagon - pulled by person, three times the cargo capacity

Horse drawn wagon - a one horse wagon that can carry five times the basic cargo capacity - would be great for trade or moving people

Secure wagon - has the ability to be locked like a wooden chest with a lock or code lock feature.

  • Taming Animals

Having stock animals for food would be great but even better an attack Wolf or horse you can ride or use as a means of pulling a wagon.

  • Booby Traps and other devices

So a couple weeks ago the announcement was made for base defense weapons. I agree something has to be done but how about some other simple devices that can offer some “like” defenses while you are not home.

Trip wire trap ( light )- this device incorporates a bow / crossbow and or basic weapon to be fired in one direction. Fires one shot only.

Trip wire mechanical - device can throw multiple spears and or arrows and more advanced for firearms in a small arc multiple shots expended at one time.

Trip wire explosives - A grenade / bean can or small explosive charge with fragmentation ( lesser than C-4 but with wider damage area )

Spring spike device - Again a trip wire activated device but it swings a melee weapon across a path or doorway.

  • Base improvements

Draw bridge and or walk way.

Firing ports in walls - rather than windows and bars that block your shots.

Search light or spot light

  • Fishing - Do I really need to say more?

No new ideas here.

I disagree that the female model looks ugly.
Also they just introduced player bone size based on steam id which will affect the whole male and female body.

Well if you like men that’s cool I mean it’s all the PC rage these days but I prefer women to look like women.

So go help Garry and his team since you think they aren’t doing anything fast enough.