Rust Ventrilo Community [Active/Friendly/PVP]

On December 2011, a group of friends from San Diego, California – created a competitive League of Legends team. We competed and won a UCSD LAN Tournament and was provided with a high quality ventrilo server instead of taking the cash rewards. Today, a vase majority of players from Heroes of Newerth, DotA 2 and League of Legends are currently using the ventrilo server.

  • Excellent Administrator and Moderator Support:
    Rarely you will ever experience a spammer 99.9 % of the time during your stay, due to the fact we have a highly trained staff team and a non-spamable ventrilo server.

  • LIFETIME 24/7 Ventrilo Uptime!:
    We’re the 10th longest ventrilo server running in the world on, the server is on a lifetime membership plan which means it will never go down for any reason, your kids-kids will get the chance to use our server.

  • Friendly, Active and Professional Gaming Community:
    We’re a group of gamers who enjoy the same common interest – which is playing video games. We welcome newcomers to the server. All of our members are mature individuals who care about making your stay the best experience possible for you.

  • Referral-a-Friend Program:
    We do offer programs which provide players to obtain a Moderator’s title which allows you to kick, ban or move users. To earn your “Moderator” title you must bring three new guest and have them be active in our server for at least one month to receive your Moderator’s title! All guest must referral your name to an active admin online.

  • Upgrade on Capacity:
    The more people that connect to our server and the server is frequently being occupied, we expand the slots to the frequent amount of guest who uses our server, so help us today and expand our community to be the largest gaming community in the world!

Ventrilo Management Team:
Ali, Brian and Glenn

“Connect today, you have nothing to lose – but only gain. We do not charge for our services, no fees, no purchases and it’s all free to use. The reason is because I know a lot of us are looking for a way to communicate with our friends online but some of us do not have the money to buy a voice server.”

Port: 3835
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Voice Codec: Speex
Voice Format: 32 KHz, 16 bit, 10 Qlty
Capacity: 50 Slots
Supported Platform: DotA 2, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Path of Exile, Rust and World of Warcraft.