Rust video from 8 months ago

This is how Rust was 8 months ago - you can see how much they’ve progressed since then. Video is from Garry.

There wasn’t much crafting (if any) - and you couldn’t build your own house. It seemed pretty bland compare to how much fun it is now.

nice find have not seen this <3 jack

Still very cool. Watching this makes me want to play Rust right now… Damn but I need to sleep and work tomorrow. Looking forward to playing all weekend!


Og det er det som gj?r serien s? genial, fortsatte Torjussen,nesten litt oppspilt.

Det var min cue.

Jeg gikk straks hjem og lastet ned hele serien (somsymptomatisk nok ble droppet etter to sesonger, fordi ingen s? p? den), og jegvar hjertens enig. Dette var det beste jeg hadde sett p? dritlenge. Tror jegskal vie de neste to m?nedene til ? evangelisere for denne serien, tenkte jeg.

Starter n?.

Dette synes andre om serien:

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?Everybody should be watching HBO’s Enlightened. It is oneof the


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rre franchiser fra utlandet

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