RUST Video Tutorials - (How to play)

[UPDATED 11/21/14]
[MOST RECENT: How to find your friends]
This series is aimed at providing all players with the information they need to survive in the game of RUST. From beginner to advanced players.

I’ve begun adding Rust 2.0 / Experimental tutorials to the guide! If you have any suggestions or questions about the game, feel free to ask here and I will put it in a future video if it hasn’t been answered already.

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[You can find the full guide on steam here;]

** Rust 2.0 / Experimental Guides**

** Rust LEGACY Guides**


NOTE: I have plans for base building / security, weapons and more will be added when they are completed. I put a note on the top for the date it was last updated.

**Awsome :smiley: Thank you =) **

No problem. If you have any requests for future tutorials, post them and I’ll work on it.

Which would you like to see first?

Base building


Navigating the map / Finding friends

Finding friends

Came across your videos yesterday and they were what made me to go for Rust instead of DayZ.

Pretty entertaining and helpful for someone who knows little about the game.

Love your videos!

I’m really looking for an advanced base building guide. Perhaps some layouts and ideas for building a base as solo and then as group.

More LoLwut videos with you base raiding would be good tooo! =)

Yea, I’m in the process of setting up a good base build for you guys to check out. Also working on the navigation video. Should be up this week hopefully.

UPDATE: Added navigation tutorial.

(And damn, did it take me forever to make that video. Animating that dot and map was a pain!)

That’s awesome. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Update: Added base building tutorial.

Update: Added repair bench costs and a ladder build trick.

omg, its you!! i love your vids, please could you do more rust, as i think they are better than your War Thunder. Thanks

Update: Added tutorial showing you how to access the Experimental / Rust 2.0 server.

UPDATE: I’ve started adding the Rust 2.0 / Experimental tutorials. Don’t forget to check out the steam guide for all the tutorials and an easy to use in game guide:

Update: Added food and Thirst Guide for Rust 2.0

Update: added how long it takes to break a tier 6 wall.

Update: Added tutorial to help you find your friends in Rust 2.0

Update: Added new Build system video and Tool Cupboard video. :slight_smile: