Rust++ vs Essentials vs Oxide vs ????

I am having a really hard time trying to pick the ultimate Mod/Plugin for my server. As far as I have seen, this is my deduction.

Rust++ - Stable, but lacking many options outside of the basics for admin

Essentials - Stable, but missing out on a few things. Crafting/Research blocker for instance.

Oxide - Unstable as hell, and keeps throwing LUA errors at me non stop, BUT, has all the plugins I am looking for in a mod.

Does anyone know if there anything else besides these 3? Or if there’s something I am missing w/the Essentials mod, in a way for me to limit crafting/researching? I am tearing my hair out trying to get the perfect mix for my server. :frowning: We want the ability to create/learn Explosives blocked on our server. There was crafting controller on Oxide, but once again, Oxide was WAY too unstable, and tired of having to relog every other command due to the LUA crashes. :frowning:

We have been working on Magma

What problems are you having with Oxide Mack? Most often the errors come from plugins, either outdated or improper API usage. If you can provide what errors you are getting, I’m sure they can be solved.

Personally I haven’t had any problems using Oxide, you just need to keep up with plugins and updates if there are any breaking changes.

I’ve kept all the plugins updated as they come out, but all of us get non stop lua crashes. Even the /give crashes non stop on us.

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Looks very promising. IDK what was going on with Oxide, the plugins were nice, as there was a huge flexibility option, but the stability of Rust++ and Essentials are more important to me at the moment. It’ll be nice to get more options out there, and add much more flexibility to server owners. :slight_smile:

Wulf: you get no Lua crashes? We were getting them steadily on almost all plugins that we had to use chat commands for. This was a huge issue because I don’t give admins rcon, so of they’re trying to do something, they would keep getting LUA errors.
/give was a big one. When one of the admin would try n give themselves the invis suit to help someone, the /give would throw lua error, and they’d have to relog, which would wipe any previous pieces of the suit they managed to give themselves. :-/

We’re aware of /give, there’s an update coming soon that attempts to resolve there. There is also an issue associated with opening doors that can cause Lua errors and prevent plugins such as door sharing from working correctly which should hopefully be resolved in the same update.

I can’t speak for third party plugins, but for any of the official plugins, the forementioned errors are the only ones you should get.

I just did a complete fresh reinstall of Oxide, and the plugins I use. Jump into the game, and the first 3 chat commands I tried to use, all gave me the “Oh Uh - A lua error occured while running that command” The commands were yes, one of them /give, other /p (to teleport) and /vanish (to give invisibility suit) 3 different mods, all crashed. :frowning:

/give we’re aware of and working to fix as I’ve mentioned. /p and /vanish are third party plugins, you’ll have to visit the forum threads for them and nag the author about the errors - they are errors in those plugins and nothing todo with Oxide.

Ohh, ok. Wasn’t sure if there was a bug in Oxide causing crashes in other plugins. It’s hard to stay away from the flexibility of Oxide. Just wish the modders for it were a little more particular on error/bug fixes. Thanks for your time Thomas!

Yea, it’s one thing alot of people have had issues with. There will be better error handling coming that should report where exactly the error is coming from and generally be less cryptic. There are some deeper more complex issues we need to resolve with the Lua library first though.

If you can provide logs and a plugin list, I can try to tell you which ones are causing the errors.

That’s just it, when I get the LUA errors in the chat, it doesn’t post anything in my error log. The only error I’m having in the logs at the moment is nothing related to the errors I was getting in game. :-/ Boggles my mind!


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I see Rust++ doing the Magma thing, with Java instead of LUA. Is there a benefit to Java vs Lua? I’m new to LUA, and attempting to learn it as I go, but I hear a few people say it’s a slightly unstable language. That could also be that they have no idea what they are talking about either. Is there a reason Oxide went the LUA route instead of java or another available language?

What about errors in your server console?

JavaScript*, not Java. :wink:

Lua was picked for Oxide as that was what Thomas wanted to use when he started the project (from what I understand), and being as Rust is from the same creator as Garry’s Mod, then it’s a familiar territory for anyone who has been involved with Lua development from that.

I don’t have access to the Server Console. I don’t own the server, I pay for the thing, but a friend of mine happened to hit the sign up page before I did, so he’s got the owner status! :frowning: I’ll yell at him tonight for the access, so I can see the logs.

The researching and crafting controller I can add in the next update, I just never noticed how much people wanted it. As for custom crafting recipes and loot tables, I’m trying to come up with a way to go about it and a nice format for the files.

Yea, it’s a HUGE make or break for me. Other than that, your mod was almost perfect. :slight_smile: Great job so far.

mistad: I left a post on your wall i guess? (when I click your name) Left a list of things that seem pretty popular, and some big make or breaks as far as how I run my server. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mack, I’ll take a gander.

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  • I’ll see what I can do about the remove whole structure one.
  • Like I said, still looking into how to do such configurations and methods for crafting and researching.
  • Saw this, then added it - it’ll be in the next version ;).
  • The reason why this isn’t is is just in case your rcon password is leaked or you need to give it to people, but don’t want them to have the owner rank. In the next update (I’ve already done it), using rcon.login with the right password will give you access to /reload. All you have to do is add your uid into the ranks.ini and reload the ranks in game with /reload ranks - no need to restart the server.

I can do the “communicate directly to admins” thing, bug what commands do you think I should use for sending to the admins and what command for sending back?

I had issues with portgun and ressource, when i uninstalled/restarted it worked perfectly, rarely any lua issues now, for some of the plugins you have you can do manually in the console, like airdropfreq and you should replace where with location.lua, if dooropener is admin only, then id advise you use AllAccess

For the admin help, even something like “/assist <message to admin>” then “/assist <partial players name> <reply message>” would be awesome, with the admins reply coming in simply named <Admin> so to keep identities to a minimum. Just an idea.

Finally decided to take the plunge and got a small server ready, and since I merely wanted what other servers had (TP, kits, home, permaday) with the ability to ban hackers, thought it would be easy. I researched a while and determined Essentials would be the best for me as it had what i wanted pretty much from the get go, and some more too. Since it lacked a simple remove tool for players to use and no home, i tried Rust ++ and Oxide with a few plugins, including essentials. Rust++ seems stable but indeed seems limited or restricted for a newbie like myself. Oxide, was great, especially with the essentials plugin, but it started to lag the server and stopped working a couple of times, returning to a default configuration after a while, having to restart the server altogether to get it to work again for some reason.
So basically, for my needs and the most common usage, Essentials (Stand Alone?) is the best, lacking as I said a proper remove tool for all players and home, perhaps some control on resource spawn time and such tweaks and it would be perfect.