Rust++ vs Oxide

We currently are using Oxide on our server, and it is non stop throwing LUA errors at us, so we have to relog in order to get them to go away. Is Rust++ the same way? Is it more stable than Oxide? Less stable? I’m trying to find out, as I want to swap over to Rust++ if it’s more stable than Oxide. I’ve read hundreds of comparison threads, but haven’t seen any that compare the stability of them.

Yeah my Oxide log is filled with errors too. It’s always helpful stuff like:

“Error in file [c:\program files\blah\oxide\plugins\stuff\otherstuff\pluginforreal\ox…]”

It literally cuts off the name of the file and replaces it with ellipses like that. Stupid.

You are probably going to find instability with both mods. My friend has ran both and both have ups and downs. The major difference between the two is this:

Rust++ is one GIANT mode, its not modular. What this means is every time you change,add, or update Rust++ the whole thing has to get done, which can lead to more wipes or issues. However Rust++ does seem to have more mod options

Oxide is modular, every mod you have to put in separately which is more admin work but it also means if there is an update to just 1 mod you can just update that, and you don’t have to update the whole server.

It all depends on what you want. Maybe someone else can post their experiences on the stability and features to get more of an idea.

Rust++ is superior, extremely stable, and has never output a single error to my console

Not to mention it’s extremely easy to use and much less spammy than oxide (although I guess you could make it spammy as well)

Plus it’s easy to backup and install, and even if rust updates you can still re-install the mod and it will work, any functions that don’t work with the new rust update will revert to vanilla - so basically you can always have the mod functioning even when it’s not updated for the patch yet (which we’ve seen can take a while, especially since we’re limited to very slow GSPs)

Thank you guys, Yea, I love the idea of the single plugins for Oxide, but the non stop crashing of Oxide is driving me nuts, not to mention, yes, the Logs, after about 6 hours are over 1mb already (that’s a huge amount of information).

So if Rust++ is more stable, I’m guessing that’ll have to be my choice. Oxide irritated me last night, when we had a speed hacker on the server, and I was spamming /tp to him to get his name, and then it threw a LUA error, which basically meant I had to log out, and back in, in order to get it working again. Can’t have this stuff happening.

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Wait, so what’s the giant difference between Rust++ and Rust Essentials?

For rust++ set your loadout (basically a kit for admins only) to spawn you the full invisible set, then you simply do /tpto namehere

You also don’t need to use the full name, it’ll search for the name and give you options, then you type 1-x whatever the option is and it’ll go to that person

However you should use rusty rcon tool for banning, it’s extremely easy, and bans straight to your bans.cfg and you don’t need to waste time trying to get the name

Essentials is the best way to get a proper full functional Addon with all your needs.

I went to essentials, and the only issue I’m having at the moment is I am unable to limit crafting/researching. Anyone have any ideas?

This is of interest since I ordered a server a couple of days ago. I don’t think fpsplayers supports essentials, but I could be wrong. Or, it might just be something you have to install manually. I cant test yet because apparently it takes quite some time to get the server up from fpsplayers.

i use rust++ never had a problem, never even looked into oxide. very happy with rust++ no errors, no problems

I haven’t used R++, so I can’t compare on stability. However, I can comment on Oxide and pros & cons of using it.

I’ll start with the cons:

  • Requires programming knowledge to help mitigate errors (being able to bebug & fix code)
    – Also requires the ability to look over code to make sure its safe/workable (anyone can post a resource on
  • Has some issues with handling door share at the moment – rumored to be fixed in the next patch.
  • Usually breaks after every Rust update, but promptly fixed by rustoxide (not really a con, but something to consider after every steam update, oxide will most likely be down for awhile).


  • You can create your own plugins & handle your own data. For example, we have raid logs on our server, so we can see whose using a lot of C4 and if it matches their time online.
  • You can customize any existing plugin to match what you want it to do. So you can find something you like, use it as a template, and code your own how you want it.
  • Modular - There is only one dependency on the list – flag system (if you use flags). This handles user permissions if you use it. Makes it modular, but also makes everything using the flag plugin dependent on it.
  • Community devs. There’s some 150+ plugins from the community, almost everything you can think of. Plugins to help admin, plugins to change settings, kits, setting of alarms to users when their base is attacked, etc. They’ve even been working on spawning zombies / chickens / wolves, / bears /pigs.

In terms of stability - I’ve never had Oxide crash on me – nor have I had plugins crash. Yes, it’s a very very verbose system. And just because Rust++ doesn’t throw errors into your logs doesn’t mean it doesn’t have errors, it just means they don’t have it outputting everything.

The error system is easily solved by logging your important stuff to different files. For example, we run are logs for chat, deaths, and raids into separate text files. The only thing I use my oxide log for is… errors… So I don’t mind it.

Is my review bias? More than likely, just because I’ve found enjoyment in creating plugins & seeing them put to use to favor our players against hackers, etc.

If I open a second server, I’ll see what Rust++ has to offer.

ive been using rust essentials with FPSplayers…its in there mod panel, no idea how you can say they dont support it.

Use DropParty mod to limit lootability of certain things or remove them alltogether. contact me with questions…

ALSO keep an eye out for RUST++ future modding API called “magma”…suppose to be the next big thing.

Rust++ is the mod to use, imho. I tried Oxide and had a litany of problems.

First, my server’s ping DOUBLED.
Second, it is way more difficult to manage server-side.
Third, the errors the damn thing spits out are nearly endless.

I think that Oxide has potential, but is very, very unstable as a server mod. I find Rust++ and their development team to be superior. Despite it lacking an “economy” system and the inability to disable research on certain items, the mod as a whole is much more cohesive.