Rust Wallpaper by me :3

I would make better graphics as soon as new pictures will be able from rust :slight_smile:
Hope i`ll get a key to make pictures by my self :stuck_out_tongue:



v.3 rust edition

That hatchet looks oddly out of place.

Hatchet looks soo strange. Needs more photoshop :slight_smile:

this is amazing

I know that hatchet is looks not good but thanks any way :3

Very nice !

Just add to my floader background,very good background :wink:

This is very nice, what was the software ?


This is my new window wallpaper !:wink:

He-He thanks i realy appreciate that

Ok, but you need to darken a little the hatchet ^^

So you made this to get a key…
nothing new here…

i will not lie. Yes

you spelled “beginning” wrong dude.

Yeah I read that as BEE-JINE-ING

artistic masterpiss

would rate infity/10

The foilage and contrast overall is good, but like everyone else says, the Hatchet doesn’t exactly persay… Blend with the enviroment.

Fix the hatchet and i’ll give a 10/10. But for now, 8/10.

Garry will give you a key so you can make pictures.

I’m dying