Rust Wallpaper

So, first thread.

I looked over the new Devblog for May 16th and noticed some nicely rendered landscape shots. I decided to make a wallpaper using that image.

It’s not sized to any standard desktop resolution, so you might have to do that yourself and crop it.


Direct link:


Hey it’s endor… and that’s the death star. Nice.

i’m gona use this as my background thanks :slight_smile:

thanks, great image, gonna be my desktop pic for a while

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you should do one for this image

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i did it myself, hope you like

direct link:

I expected there to be a naked dude… Quite shocked. Thanks for the wallpaper.

For me the most thrilling thing on the OP wallpaper is the fact, that there is actually a RAIN (wink wink, hint hint? :slight_smile:

Might be a better spot to advertise your server amongst the subforums mate ^^

I second that notion. It isn’t Rust without a naked man carrying a rock.

Perhaps a guy with a torch and in the shadows behind him another with the rock? NOW THATS KINKY!