Rust Warfare+ (Rare C4 - PVP - Starter Kits)

Rust Warfare+ is a 50 slot UK based friendly PvP server. This is a relatively new server whose playerbase is continually growing. We’re always welcoming of new groups and are always looking for new blood to come and call our server home. Our admins are very active and we do our very best to keep the hacker content to a minimum.

• English Only In Chat.
• No Abusive Language In Chat.
• No Bullying Of Fresh Spawns.
• Treat People As You Want To Be Treated.

Below you will find details of the features you will on our server:

• Instacraft:- Allows you to craft instantly without waiting for the timer to run down.
• No Durability:- We’ve removed durability because well it’s a bit stupid at the minute.
• Remove:- There is a way to remove items placed by yourself, or by griefers (all be it on your foundations). All you have to do is hit the item in question twice with a pickaxe.
• Rare C4:- When we say ‘rare’ we mean rare, in recent tests we spawned 20 airdrops and only found 2 C4. We want raiding but we didnt want it too easy. (Metal doors currently take 4 C4 to blow. Walls cannot be blown.).
• Almost Raid Free:- With Limited C4 you can build wherever you wish, as long as you have a few metal doors you know that it is going to take someone alot of C4 to get to your loot!
• C4/Grenandes cannot be researched/crafted!

Our admins are there, they just do not wish to be named. If you need help in game from an admin ask in chat and you shall get the help you need!

We currently have a Mumble server set up:
• Address:
• Port: 1887
• Password: 2112
Any questions about our server or just too meet some of the people that play on our server dont hesitate too drop by!

Airdrops are currently triggered at 5 players, and should contain something you’ll find useful, from building parts, ammo through to Kevlar, and yes, C4 (Only one box contains one C4)

PvP Events:
We are in talks of hosting some events, and planning on build some form of an arena. Keep an eye of this space for updates!

To join, press F1 on the main menu and type the following: net.connect