Rust was better before that "pay for play"...

I don’t know if a lot of persons think like me but, when we were only 80 on the server, we had the time to get some stuff, some food and to construct our houses. Now when you spawn, a naked caveman run to kill you. If you kill him first, you’ll see that he’s got 10 small medpacks and 10 flares. It prooves that his favorite pass-time is “kill people, kill people, kill people” :rolleyes:

All right there’s no rules in this game but if you can’t walk 10 meters without live it will be very boring in the future…

The better way to fix that, I think, is to place multiple servers and limit them at 100 max.

I’m an alpha tester, I’m just doing my job by tell you what I think and what could be better for me to have the perfect game we can have. If people who think like me are in minority, Well, keep running Rust on a single server.


It’s so selfish to say that, I was in the game since the very beggining too and I’m glad new people get to play it, it brings new ‘‘faces’’ to the server, and of course there will be more servers, just give it a few days I guess.

How could you of been from the very beginning? you joined in july.

My bad, I meant before they opened the gates, like 70 days ago.

Guy’s, I’m preeeeetty sure they’re gonna have multiple servers… and I’m sure things will calm down when people get supplied, form some small groups, spread out and build. Must be pretty scary though, spawning then seeing a naked man running at you wielding an axe.

Edit: I used to be an alpha player months ago, but lost interest in it and never registered on facepunch… recently I saw how popular it was getting, and decided to see what has happened with it so far. I was a bit sad when I found out my account was gone for inactivity, but whatever, shit happens. I’mma wait till things get a bit more settled before I get into the game though…

I didn’t say that to blame people who buy this game, I’m agree with you but now there’s too much people on the same server, I’m complaining for this.

P.S : I’m one of your viewers, when will you stream rust again ? :downs:

Oh my bad, well we all want the same thing and they’ll probably get more servers when they’re done testing this one and knowing it’s limits.
About my stream, I’ll wait a few days/weeks for the game to improve a little bit before getting back in!

Let’s wait for few days then. Be careful when you’ll stream cause of this naked skin ! Lots of childen 're watching you each time !

I don’t think it’s a problem haha, I mean, there’s no problem streaming Payday2 and killing hundreds of cops, why would there be any for a naked cave man :smiley:

Because actual society cares more about naked bodies than died cops !

But seriously I’m sure you can too dude :wink: And I’m expecting every single day ahaha

My experience with finding a random naked person, told him to suck my dick and he can stay alive, he did.

It’s obvious that they’re going to increase the size of the map eventually, and by map I mean the resource and spawn map, the actual map is fucking huge.

Right now they seem to just be stress testing the server and the game itself with the new increased entities limit and the fact that they haven’t wiped in a long while, they want to see how much it can take, this includes having a high number of players in a small place.

its not a matter of paying its a matter of popularity and server size

there simply needs to be multiple capacity limited servers