Rust Water

So after watching countless videos I never noticed anyone going near water. I was wondering if you could swim, or do you just die like grand theft auto 3/vice city. Also wondering if you can build over water, making a wooden boathouse of sorts…

Edit: Being able to build on the surface of water and underwater(pillars only to support house on surface) would be sweet. I dont have the game so I guess that could also be a suggestion, if it isn’t possible already

P.s Looking for a Key to Diablo2 Lord of Destruction ^.^

I think if you want to build a boat, go on garrys mod and search for a flood server …

Your first objective in Rust is to survive, not to plant flowers in front of your house or adopt a pet :confused:

When you walk into the water you just die.

He’s just makin a suggestion

Like so many others on the board - let the dev’s get core and important features into the game first.

agreed…i didnt know if water would kill or not so my suggestion is worthless until you can…if ever…

lol people would do some messed up things on water

P.s Looking for a Key to Diablo2 Lord of Destruction ^.^


Nevermind, I can’t read. Why are you begging for keys from other games, what the fuck.


yea, doesn’t work… almost got me excited for a second.

Oh, i just figured i should ask in the most random of places… asking in game obviously doesnt work lol

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who the fuck is begging?