Rust Weapon Balance

Yes, I know that they are working on PVP at the moment but I feel that they haven’t done anything to balance the weapons in the game.

I personally think that all the weapons in rust are under powered and weak, and the armour (mainly the metal armour) is way too overpowered. With the Ak I triple head shot a player with a metal face mask and he still managed to run away un-harmed.

I tested this with my friend and found it takes 5 head shots to kill some one wearing a metal face mask with an Ak. Even a bolt action cant one shot a fully armoured person. Now I don’t if most people can get penta-headshots, but to me this seems really stupid.

In legacy rust, with the P250 and M4 it took only 2 head shots to take down a full larker (top tier armour), one head shot with a bolt and a max of three with the 9mm (a really shitty pistol btw)

So I think that all weapons in rust should deal much more damage in general, especially to the head. To balance this, much more recoil should be given to each weapon as well. This will make PVP much less frustrating and put new Rust in line with legacy even more.

Armour protection is fine. In real life thats how long it takes to shoot somebody armored. Here is sample from real life : Australian bandit - .
Police coudnt take him down because of his armor.
But armor should slow player about 70-80%. Such armor weight is 50 kilograms depends(source wiki) His turning,spinning speed should be also 80% slower. He should lose food faster because wearing such heavy armor burn alot of energy.
Generally: more stuff you carry - you becoming slower and slower.
Also mask should cover about 50% of player screen. So his vision will be very small.
Bucket should make black lines of screens. So it would be annoying.
Every headshot sould cause headache, dizziness.

OP is absolutely right. Metal armors in the game are way too strong and the game would benefit from making them less so. Headshots should be deadly and not something you could shake off so easily during a firefight. As of the current state of the game, the skill used to make a good headshot is wasted and punished with less damage done than a body shot. As for the above argument; realism doesn’t make a good, good design does. The suggestions you are making would just make the gunfights clunky and bad because it doesn’t fix the problem. It would just make armor completely useless.

I would love some sort of Winchester type lever action that is somewhat decent at mid range and perhaps takes pistol ammo. Accurate with low damage.

All armor is too strong even jackets and other clothing. Heck I run an arena on my server and I’m severely restricted in the kits I can use in there if I want to keep things real.

Even with bows and melee weapons it’s ridiculous, the armor clearly is an issue.

I can understand the chest plate maybe, but then again each shot should come with some kind of destabilization preventing the player from taking action for a second or two… A bulletproof vest might stop a bullet but it still hurts and shocks and potentially prevents the person from breathing properly for a little bit depending on where he is hit.

The headshot issue is real… Heck, stopping an AK bullet with a plate on your face is already a little far fetched, it should almost break your neck, it’s a lot of kinetic energy for a head to absorb… 5 shots is just retarded.

Everyone always says about the kinetic energy or whatever, but it is the same as the kick of the rifle, it’s the penetration and bullet spin that does the damage.

If you can fire a gun without falling over, it’s not going to take the other guy off his feet like shotguns do in films.

unless you’re leaning into it, are prepared, weigh more, etc. but i agree. the force nets zero. shotguns arent magic.

magnets, on the other hand…

Tell me this guy can take 5 shots like that in the face and still fight you:

;48700233’]Tell me this guy can take 5 shots like that in the face and still fight you:


stupid or very trusting. what if she missed the vest? XD

Legcay pvp needs to come back

Lol, the shooter must have been using a hack just to make sure :slight_smile: point is that guy was leaning into it, it was only what looked like a low cal pistol and he was aching for quite some time there. Not saying someone should get knocked off their feet but an AK shot to the head should definitely cause the player be struggle for a bit.

That is what I meant by kinetic energy. I understand that there is little to no kinetic damage when it goes through but when you have armor the bullet is stopped dead and that energy doesn’t just vanish. He will have a big bruise for a couple weeks from that single shot. Getting a full stop AK round to the face is probably analogous to getting punched in the face by a pro boxer without gloves.

You already do take a boat load of damage, especially from the bolt. Typically a one hit kill with bleeding damage unless you just clip your target. AK maybe a 2 hit kill.

It’s also directional armour, meaning if you shoot in the side or back or dome them, it will instakill.

Decreasing the time to kill would not be good for the game, it’s not a simulator.