Rust Weapon Idea: M16A1

Note Me and my good friend are avid players of Rust, we had an idea for a weapon that might fit with the rust community to balance out the amounts of assault rifles (AK47) that are crafted in game, criticism or even your own opinion is a must for this post.

We all have come to know the Assault Rifle (AK47) in Rust, it is powerful weapon with high recoil to balance the damage amounts, and a good choice for taking out heavily armored foes or nakeds from almost any distance. The weapons modeled in Rust are supposed to look like they were crafted out of makeshift materials, and that is what makes these weapons visually acceptable in this post apocalyptic world where humanity has obviously lost trust with others in normal society.

Now that I’m done rambling, time to explain, the idea is for an assault rifle that is cheaper to make than the current AK47 and still retains are balanced amount of pros and cons, the M16A1.

The pros and cons about this weapon are listed below.


-Cheaper to create, using only 80 Wood and 40 (or 45) High Quality Metal to Construct.
-Has similar to half the damage of the AK47.
-Less Recoil standing, crouching, and while on the move.
-Reloads slightly faster than the AK47.


-A shorter magazine capacity than the AK47: 25 Bullets
-Less Damage than the AK47.
-Can only be crafted via a Blueprint Library, and only found in airdrops.
-It has a slightly, slightly slower rate of fire than the AK47.

P.S. Feel free to criticize this idea, and modify the pros and cons to your liking if you agree with this.

I like the idea but I think you should be able to have attachments on it. Also as a side note, 100 wood instead of 80 for ocd

Maybe a silencer but due to the carry handle is what I was worried about. The idea is to create an assault rifle that is similar to the AK but still has some cons to deal with so its not incredibly OP. Maybe the carryhandle is a mixture of wood and metal fragments that makes aim attachments literally impossible to put on.

An assault rifle with lighter damage is not very enticing without attachments. I’d want to maximize my chances of an accurate hit with a holo-sight or scope. Silencer is practically useless, especially for this gun because it would take away even more of it’s stopping power. With a silencer on an AK, I believe its a 10% damage decrease or something along those lines, making it 3-4 hits to the head with armor at full health before dying. Sure it’s quieter, but a living target is a more immediate threat. A silencer doesn’t help me by that much in my opinion, provided your crouched and tap shoot. However, it’s a good idea!

I will change that con then… I agree with you.

Actually i think if we use this as an Idea and add an Burst Rifle to the game we got every weapon decked.

-> Solo Shot/ Bolt Action/ Pump/ Semi Fire/ Full Auto. Only Burst is missing

I know where your going with this, and I understand it sounds like a good idea, but think about it. Burst fire means 2 to 3 round bursts, as it might be useful in some situations, you cannot control where the burst goes due to recoil. Thus, wasting more ammo that you could’ve used in semi or full auto.

Only thing I think needs to be changed on your list is the rate of fire. It should be higher or close to the same. The recoil should be how the AK used to be where you could actually hit something with auto fire without a aim bot. The AK recoil is absurd.

People dont like the idea of anything new getting added to the game that takes bullets. so expect alot of hate.

i think we have enough weapons in Rust already.

I’d prefer an Owen MK I

we have enough “high end” weapons
how about slingshot or more traps? would be cool at begin

Don’t you realize this is pretty much the custom SMG?

I’m always game for diversity and this idea looks great, but IMO the devs should be concentrating on fleshing out the core mechanics of the game (survival, radiation etc etc). More guns and other bits and bobs can come later

how about a semi automatic rifle that actually does damage :v:
an HQM version basically

I agree but ideas are better early, present, or late than ever ya know. Although I do agree with the core mechanics, and the optimization needs to be improved a little more.