Rust Weapons Unbalanced?

I don’t know about the rest of you but the weapons in rust (specifically the guns) feel really unbalanced. Especially the Ak; as soon as you have that thing its all you need. If one man has an Ak and the other a Pistol, the Ak would almost always win regardless of the skill of both player’s. And if you go onto any server, the only weapon actually used seems to be the Ak. I feel people should have a range of different weapons that they can choose to use instead of having to use the Ak because its the only decent weapon in the game, every other one feels weak.

So to balance this, I had some ideas: (feel free to comment on them)

-The Ak should have much more recoil like the old M4, body shots should do less damage and head shots more (this makes aiming much more important instead of just spraying)
-The Thompson should have slightly more powerful head shots, slightly less powerful body shots, and a better iron sight (attachments could work, or could be just different by default); they also should be more common
-The Custom SMG should dish out slightly more head shot damage, and have a bit more recoil
-The Semi-Auto Pistol should deal less body shot damage and more head shot damage, along with much more recoil and a faster max fire rate (almost as fast as you can pull the trigger); they should be more common too
-The Blot-Action should be a one-hit head shot, or at least seriously wound some one, (90 dmg) -they might do this already, but I don’t know how much damage the deal specifically-
-The Pump Shot Gun is literally useless at the moment, so it should do much more damage, become more common, and have a smaller range with a bigger spread
-Water pipe Shotgun is another almost useless one, so it should deal more damage and have a fairly short range
-Eoka pistol…I don’t know how to describe how utterly useless this thing is. It should be used like the Water pipe Shotgun, but with an extremely short range and massive spread

So, basically all that is saying weapons should be harder to use with more recoil, and should deal more head shot damage and less body shot damage, making aiming much more important and spraying a useless tactic. This will make rust a much harder game to play, and wont dictate the better players on their gear, but rather their skill. :joy: