Rust web-app

Would love some feedback :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Would you mind if i put a link to this on my fan forum

share it with everyone lolz :slight_smile:

one thing that would be nice is when looking at an item, say C4, show a breakdown list of all base materials. not just say, explosives, but all the materials needed to make the explosives as well. Not sure that come out very clear lol.

Add 1 C4 and 15 Explosives
metal fragments x 150
leather x 5
gunpowder x 300
sulfur x 75
flares x 1
explosives x 15
low grade fuel x 30

Wauw! Naild it, works like a charm on iPhone to! (Mobile browser)

Ok in short the forum sucks the design is horrible it doesn’t feel the least bit inviting or somewhere i would go

and thankyou for this alex

its 100% responsible should work on all devices :slight_smile:

the theme of the forum is just a placeholder until i get a custom Rust theme made for it.


It’s not working on my toaster!
Just kidding.
Nice work.

Haha thanks, I’m still working on the c4 page btw. not satisfied with how it is atm :frowning:

Added sub materials:

Nice one - thank’s!

thx! bookmarked :dance: