Rust Website Down When Logging In

Just wondering if this is happening to u guys.
I go on the rust website and im NOT logged in. Everything is fine. Then once i log in and i click play game it says there are no servers. I press Home and the website is blank except for the Player counter which is broken and the links in the bottom left. Anyone know why?

The same happend to me.

it seems to be doing it with just firefox for me, if i use IE again it works alright.

  • tried all the browsers and the same thing happens when i log in*

Yep, all browsers are having the same problem for me… It also kicked me out of the US server just as this happened.

Lulz, that IE sht won’t even open google :smiley:

its stopped working with IE now anyway what a surprise.

yea rust is down.

Due to the US government shutdown, Rust has been temporarily disabled.

Somehow the website thinks everyone is banned:
{“status”:“failure”,“message”:“banned”,“varname”:“banned”,“reason”:“payment invalid, refunded or charged back”}

Am I the only person it’s working for?

Are you sure you aren’t just viewing a cached version of the site. For me it’s still down. Try clearing your cache for and reloading. Then you can see if its working or if its a cache issue.

Also, it only stops working when logged in. So if you arent logged in the site will appear normal.

I have asked six friends I play with and its down for all of them when they log in.

I think so Garry… Seems like something is up, the symbol in the top right is spinning on each page as if it’s trying to do something… It does seem to happen only once you have logged in.

Yeh, same here. Cant get into the main site or navigate in it. It just lags.

This is what I see when I log in…

I can’t even login like some people can, just the website background for me, nothing loads

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This is what I meant, same thing happening to me

I get website background and blank with Firefox, on Google Chrome I can log in, see the navigation menu however there’s no news post and or servers online (Yikes!). At least this thread has caught garry’s attention, and a fix shouldn’t be too far away.

Nothing loads, like everyone said here. It’s fine when you are logged out though. And once I got a strange message about being banned. When you are logged out it says only 28 people online or so.


DDoS ?